Air Freight:

With our air freight services, we ensure swift and secure delivery of your goods, leveraging our partnerships with leading airlines to guarantee efficient transportation.

Ocean Freight:

Our ocean freight services provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for international shipments. We handle all aspects, from documentation to customs clearance, ensuring smooth sailing for your cargo.

Inland Transportation:

We offer seamless inland transportation services, utilizing a fleet of well-maintained trucks to deliver your cargo efficiently within Nepal and neighboring regions.

Rail Freight:

Our rail freight services provide an eco-friendly and efficient transportation option for your cargo. Benefit from our network of rail connections to reach your destination with reliability and speed.

Project Cargo:

For large-scale and specialized cargo, our project cargo services ensure meticulous planning and execution, ensuring your shipments are handled with precision and delivered safely.

Exhibition Cargo:

When it comes to exhibitions, we understand the urgency and importance of transporting your exhibits. Our exhibition cargo services guarantee timely delivery and careful handling of your valuable goods.

Customs Clearance:

Navigating customs procedures can be complex. With our expertise and understanding of international regulations, we ensure seamless customs clearance for your shipments, saving you time and effort.

Export Quality Packaging and Labeling:


We provide export-quality packaging and labeling services, ensuring your goods are securely packed and labeled correctly for hassle-free shipping.

Material Handling:

Our experienced team is equipped to handle all your material handling requirements, ensuring the safe loading, unloading, and storage of your cargo.


Need temporary storage for your goods? Our secure and spacious warehouses are available to accommodate your storage needs, providing you with peace of mind.

Quality Assurance/Quality Certification:

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in our operations. Our quality assurance and quality certification services ensure that your cargo is handled with the utmost care and compliance with industry standards.